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The BIG MIKE Series is the top of the line pinch weld cover designed to hide that unsightly area of open holes and ridges below the door of your F250/350 Super Duty or Excursion. 


BIG MIKE Series kits come in a high luster polished aluminum  or a semi-gloss black  finish. They are designed as one piece per side in order to be seamless and appear to be boltless.



BIG MIKE Series kits have the ultimate appearance that stands out more than any other. The flames are polished on both sides of each piece for the trucks that are simply “Big” ie: The BIG MIKE Series.


Built to Last

All BIG MIKE Series kits are made of durable 1/8” aluminum with hidden welded attachment bolts. They easily install over your existing step bolt hardware and present the most distinguished look possible.

Advise if you are running the AMP steps as a 1/4" hole will need to be drilled in your pinch weld.

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