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DEAKNBUILT LLC is dedicated to development of innovative products, quality services and competitive racing with honor. We strive for continual growth and progression within ourselves, our products and our services. “We know not what the future holds, but we know who holds the future”. Check back for updates, changes, future prospects and advancements.

Starting from the ground up, the 1997 Ford ranger is transformed from stock to race in a mere “one year”. A full roll cage, engine cage and a “new” rear cage has been completed. Coolers, belts, shocks and spares have been added, but is it really done; only time will tell?
Race Reports, Press Releases, Schedules and results it’s all here in our Racing News section. We post as close to the race as possible, however sometimes we slack so check back often for the news you're looking for?
Looking for “the pic”? So are we. Here is the gallery where we try to show the excitement and thrills of off-road racing that is often experienced only by team members, drivers and spectators who are actually at the race. Captured on camera, now everyone can see what really happens at the race!